Elisa Schaar comes originally from Germany. Inicial professional career as Individualpsychologist. Artistic autodidactic formation and apprenticeship, participation in numerous art-workshops. Since 1975 she has been experimenting with different painting techniques. From 1999 on she paints with acrylic on canvas, situated in the field of abstract expressionism, using spatulas, trowels and wipers as instruments.

From 2006 on she is living and painting in Caldetas/Barcelona. Associated member of Associació Sant Lluc per l’Art, Mataró/Barcelona. Various educational journeys to Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Especially influenced by the work of Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock, Fernando Zobel, Jean Miotte and Gerhard Richter. Artworks by Elisa are situated in many private collections and in collections of public institutions, mainly in Germany and Spain.

The artist´s résumé

2007Abstract acrylic paintings with spatula techniques. Studies of the work of Jackson Pollock, Antoni Tàpies y Fernando Zobel. Educational journey to Barcelona and Spain.
2006Abstract acrylic paintings with spatula techniques. Studies of Jean Miotte´s and Sam Francis´ work. Studies of Pablo Picasso´s and Joan Miró´s work. Educational journey to Barcelona and Catalonia.
2004-2007Contact with the impressionistic artist Peter Philippen, Düsseldorf, Germany.
2004Educational journey to Palma de Mallorca, study of Miguel Barceló´s work. Educational journey to Paris, France, Musée National d´Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou. Study of Marc Chagall´s work.
2001Educational journey to Washington / USA, National Gallery of Art and Hirshhorn Museum.
2000Initiation of abstract expressionism. Experimental acrylic paintings.

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